Reinstatement Consultancy

As construction industry professionals 360 Build has the specialised skills and experience to provide the insurance industry with accurate construction planning solutions for the replacement or reinstatement of residential homes. We provide specialist construction consultancy services tailored to large or complex loss of residential homes.

  • Scope
  • Architectural Drafting
  • Engineering
  • Cost Consultancy
  • Tender Documentation

360 Build has provided expert consultation to loss adjusters and insurance companies on over 400 residential properties nationwide.

360 Build is a combined service office, unique in the industry, offering efficiencies with all disciplines in-house; estimating, quantity surveying, architectural drafting, engineering and project management – these services are tailored specifically to the residential construction insurance sector. Our skills and experience are critical in providing the right individual solution for projects when reinstatement works are complex and extremely
varied. We deliver professional advice as to the reinstatement methodology for complex large loss and total loss residential claims, adding value by providing cost-effective solutions and reducing timeframes.

360 Build will reduce the lifecycle of claims and the cost of repairs whilst enhancing the reputation of your brand in the eyes of your clients.

Scope of Works

Site Observation

A review of our findings along with recommendations as to
how to proceed.

  • Repair or new build determinations.
  • Building Consent records review – detailed analysis of non-consented elements, breaches of usage rights, commentary on construction of elements in relation to the building code, problems these non-consented elements will pose with regard to repair or replacement and compliance with the building code should works proceed to repair.
  • Determination as to whether works are suitable for an exemption to the requirement of building consent/s in accordance with the building code.


Definitive scope of works solutions providing the optimum results.


Precise and detailed information communicated clearly both for the insured, client and the construction industry.

Cost Consultancy

Cost analysis of the expected construction costs to repair or replace. QS reports can be used for cash settlement valuing. Reporting will highlight betterment costs associated to non-consented works or items which may not be covered under the policy.


The authorisation of the scope of works and specification by the insured for the proposed reinstatement or replacement solution provides a clear understanding for all parties and can eliminate any potential differences.

Construction Documentation

Architectural Drafting

Architectural plans and building consent documentation for building consent approval prepared in conjunction with scope of works and tender documents.

  • Architectural Plans and specifications
  • Structural Engineering
  • Building Consent applications

Tender Documentation and Management

Effective tender documentation and process is a key element in delivering the best possible outcome. We are experts in this field, widely engaged within the construction industry in both client procurement and tender pricing on behalf of building contractors. We work with our clients to ensure they achieve the best possible results.


Site Observation/Pre-construction reports, Structural Engineering.

Building Consent Application

 With specialised experience in the repair and reinstatement planning we deliver and obtain building consent approval in the shortest possible time, often working directly with the local authority engaging in pre-construction consultation to expedite solutions, consents approvals and construction works.

360 Build provide Insurers with the tools and expertise to shorten the claim lifecycle and procure the best price for construction repair or replacement works.