• Project Establishment
  • Preliminary Design
  • Developed Design
  • Detailed Design

The project establishment phase (“the Project Establishment Phase”) of work allows all information relevant to the design process to be either collected or discussed and incorporated into future works. The intent of this phase is to allow all parties to mobilise and properly engage in business. Services may include some or all of the following:

  • Confirm scope of architectural service and associated fees
  • Prepare service agreement for execution
  • Prepare programme of services
  • Inspect site and assess conditions and constraints
  • Confirm clients’ brief, requirements
  • Assess regulations, territorial authority rules
  • Coordinate separate consultant topographical survey
  • Coordinate separate consultant soil testing/geotechnical report

The preliminary design (“the Preliminary Design Phase”) phase of work transfers the information gathered during the Project Establishment Phase to a drawn form. At the conclusion of this phase a preliminary cost estimate may be obtained from a Quantity Surveyor or through early contractor engagement. Services may include some or all of the following:

  • Confirm contract for architectural services has been agreed and executed
  • Prepare drawings of existing conditions from site visit and/or measure
  • Establish existing services connections and easements
  • Prepare Preliminary Design documentation including:
    • Site plan
    • Floor plans
    • Building elevations
    • Exterior perspective sketch
    • Present preliminary design to clients
  • Determine the need for separate consultants and facilitate their appointment
  • Obtain preliminary cost estimate

The developed design (“the Developed Design”) phase of work further develops the approved preliminary design and to incorporate any matters resulting from a design brief change or value engineering process. Services may include some or all of the following:

  • Confirm approval to proceed to this phase of work
  • Develop approved preliminary design drawings based on client feedback
  • Prepare developed design documentation including:
    • Site plan
    • Detailed floor plans
    • Detailed elevations
    • Indicative cross sections
    • Developed perspective views
  • Obtain preliminary cost estimate

The Detailed Design phase of work builds on the Developed Design preparing a set of drawings and specifications allowing a building consent to be applied for. Services may include some or all of the following:

  • Confirm approval to proceed to this phase of work
  • Review brief and incorporate changes into documentation
  • Prepare comprehensive architectural documentation as required for building consent application including:
    • Location plan
    • Site and drainage plans
    • Services plans including hydraulic, electrical and lighting
    • Foundation plan
    • Detailed and dimensioned floor plans
    • Detailed building elevations
    • Detailed cross sections
    • Construction details
    • Window and door schedules
    • Bracing plans and calculations
    • E2 risk matrix assessment
    • H1 energy-efficiency calculations
    • Customised specification incorporating performance
  • Review, incorporate and coordinate separate and sub-consultants documentation
  • Prepare and submit building consent application
  • Update documentation to incorporate revisions during building consent process

About Us

The team at 360 Architectural have more than 25 years experience, as 360 Build, in the design and building industry. We understand the industry inside and out, including costs, risks and choices. We help you set budgets and build realistic expectations which will deliver the ideal home for you and your family. Our projects have spanned the wider Auckland region and beyond, including Orewa, Matakana, Pauanui and Omaha.

Tim Cameron


Tim is an Architectural Designer with a passion for residential design.


“There is a real skill in designing homes that exceed the clients’ expectations and that are affordable. How many times have you heard of architects plans being priced for construction and resulting in massive budget blowouts?” asks Tim.


Tim qualified in New Zealand and has worked as an Architectural Designer for 22 years, including here at home, in the United Kingdom and Australia. This diverse work experience enables Tim to offer architectural design solutions to meet individual architectural styles preferred by his clients. Tim believes the main design focus for a home is providing spaces that are light, warm and reflect the clients’ lifestyle.

“Each home is individually designed to meet the clients design brief, lifestyle and budget. I am constantly balancing best design versus cost, ensuring the project is feasible for our clients. It’s usually the most practical solution that gets the best result,” says Tim.

Brad Dalzell


Brad has been driving the cogs in the New Zealand construction industry for more than 20 years, on-site, off-site, main contractor, subcontractor and client side engagements. A building apprenticeship was Brad’s springboard into a quantity surveying career.

“It was the perfect start to my career as a quantity surveyor because my knowledge and understanding isn’t just a book read learning – I’ve been there and worked on the tools,” says Brad.

It’s this technical background that has helped make Brad one of the foremost experts in his field, and one that qualifies him very well to be helping people achieve the best outcomes from their building projects. Brad has worked with and continues to consult to leading home building companies, commercial contractors, developers and subcontractors giving him an innate understanding to all aspects of construction industry. With a focus to staying current and continued development Brad continues to engage with all facets of the industry.

“Construction knowledge, project management, procurement, building costs, building contract agreements – we are here as your advocate,” says Brad.

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